Cloud-Based Phone System

Unified Communications Delivered from the Cloud

Sweet UC is a cloud-based phone system that delivers telephone service, Video Conferencing, and Collaboration. Enterprise Unified Communication features that keep you connected, at your desk or on the go.

A Hosted PBX is at the heart of Sweet UC and is the future of small business and enterprise communications. It replaces the need for an on-premises PBX, delivering the same functionality, and more, directly from the cloud. The result is a more cost-effective business-class phone service that is cheaper to deploy. It offers integrated collaboration and mobility services that make users more focused, engaged and effective.

Skyway West, a Vancouver based ISP, has partnered with Ribbon Communications and their KandyCloud Communications Platform as a Service“. Powered by Kandy, Sweet UC integrates voice, video, messaging, chat and collaboration into any app, service or business process

Easily Scale When Needed

Skyway’s Kandy-powered Sweet UC delivers a feature-rich, cost-effective, secure and reliable telephone system that you can easily scale when needed. If you’re looking for a new phone system or to enhance your current environment, Sweet UC provides the flexibility to embrace cloud communications, either migrating away from your existing solution or integrating into your existing infrastructure. Kandy will continue to deliver innovative services year after year.

It’s Easy to Get Started because with the Sweet UC cloud phone system you just plug IP desk phones and computers into your internet connection. You can also install the Kandy mobile apps on your employees’ tablets and smartphones. These endpoints communicate with the Sweet UC cloud platform for secure voice, fax, text, audio conferencing, and online meetings. It’s that simple—for all of your office locations.

It’s Easy to Manage because Sweet UC does all of this without customers having to install or maintain special telephony equipment and infrastructure. A user-friendly web portal allows organizations to easily add, remove, and update users without needing special training or IT staff.

Sweet UC is a cloud-based phone system that is delivered from the cloud rather than installed in your office. It adds access, responsiveness and flexibility for your users enabling them to work from anywhere just as if they were at their desk in the office.

Chris Miles is a High-Speed Internet and Unified Communications Specialist, that includes Skyway West’s Sweet UC and Microsoft Teams Phone System.