Integrate Your Business with Kandy Wrappers

Kandy Wrappers are pre-packaged, fully functional software applications. You can integrate your business with Kandy Wrappers, by inserting them into your website. Kandy Wrappers can also work on their own, integrated with Skyway’s Sweet UC Hosted PBX service.

Kandy is a part of Ribbon Communications and is a “Communications Platform as a Service“. Developers can build amazing applications, because they can combine multiple pieces of Kandy (APIs) together. Not all of us are developers, therefore many of us will want to choose a pre-built application. You can then add functionality and inject it into our application or website, most importantly with minimal customization.

Business owners know that not everyone has the time or the skills to play with the Kandy APIs, so the people at Kandy have created these Kandy Wrappers. The following gives you a taste of how you can integrate your business with Kandy Wrappers.

You can increase customer engagement, customer satisfaction and revenue with Kandy Wrappers. The following are examples of how Kandy Wrappers can be used in your business.

  • Differentiate product and service offerings
  • Facilitate engagement, communication and collaboration
  • Simplify the delivery of advanced customer service style applications
  • Easily improve any application or business process
  • Accelerate time to market with simpler, faster and cheaper development and deployment.
  • Revolutionize e-commerce, healthcare, enterprise, social and collaboration applications

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