Better Customer Support with Truck Roll

Business can deliver better customer support with Truck Roll, a software application we call a Kandy Wrapper. Integrated with Skyway’s Sweet UC Hosted PBX service, Kandy Truck Roll provides a mobile based customer and field support experience that allows users to show instead of tell and accelerates issue resolution. Truck Roll also enables your customer service department to resolve more issues remotely, minimizing the number of on-site technicians dispatched.

Truck Roll uses the Kandy Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution to combine real time communications into a mobile telephone solution. Android and iOS users can share their phone’s mobile camera and show your customer support representatives exactly what the issue is. Support reps can then use this valuable information to better identify the root of the issue.  Users can also be provided with instructions, videos or manuals that will help them get it fixed by themselves.

Use Truck Roll with Your Field Support Agents or Your End Customers

Kandy Truck Roll can accommodate internal (field support) and external (customer support) usage scenarios. The goal is still the same, ensure your field technicians complete their assignment (avoid a second visit) or your customer solves the issue by themselves (avoid an on-site visit). Because avoiding a real truck roll puts money in your pocket!

Field Support: 

  • On site technician video calls remote subject matter expert (SME)
  • SME can see through technician’s camera to provide higher level of support
  • SME can be off-shore or at a centrally located call center
  • Prevents additional truck roll for second visit

Customer Support:

  • Customer video calls remote expert
  • Remote expert can see through customer’s camera to provide support instead of on-site technician
  • Remote expert can be off-shore or at a centrally located call center
  • Prevents truck roll for on-site technician visit

For more information on Trunk Roll, Kandy Wrappers or Sweet UC Cloud based Phone System, contact us anytime.