Studios Turn to Secure Rendering in the Cloud

Rendering in CloudDirect Connection for Rendering to Google and AWS’ Cloud Services

Film Studios often face a dilemma: they need quick access to massive amounts of computing power for rendering, but only for the time it takes to produce the effects or the film, and don’t want to be stuck with a huge data centre in down times.  Cloud computing with access to the vast resources of servers, processing power and storage is thus an attractive proposition, so studios are taking advantage of Cloud Services like Google CloudPlatform or Amazon Web Services.

Rendering in the Cloud (using an internet compute utility such as Amazon EC2 or Google Zync) lets a studio expand their render infrastructure on demand, without having to purchase, rack, power, cool, upgrade, and manage a farm of new computers. The studio only pays for the compute power they need as they need it. This can also allow a studio to use a small local farm for day-to-day rendering, and augment it with cloud rendering at the height of production.  The cloud gives the smaller studios access to the speed of a render farm that would otherwise be out of reach.

A Fast, High Availability Connection

Skyway West offers a “Software Defined Network” service, gives AWS and Google Cloud customers across Canada an enterprise-grade connection with higher availability and lower latency than their existing Internet connection. And studios enjoy a higher SLA (Service Level Agreement) than standard Internet connections.

Enterprise-grade Connections

Services with consistent high demand for data, or latency sensitive applications can have significant benefits from using a Carrier Interconnect network connection. Customers can work with Carrier Interconnect providers to achieve higher availability and lower latency connections to Google.

Keeping it Secure:

Internet network hijacking, congestion and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are major concerns for today’s enterprise. BC and Alberta studios can bypass the public Internet and these inherent obstacles and connect directly to AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure for optimal security and performance.

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