Cable and ADSL Bundles For Vancouver Area Business

Recently we announced that Skyway West was offering an enterprise grade Cable internet service.

Although Cable offers a great deal of bandwidth for a very low cost, speed and latency on a cable service can vary significantly. Some business applications perform better with high-speed Internet services like DSL, T1, Ethernet over Copper and Fibre because their speed is consistent and latency low and stable. These include businesses using Voice over IP or connecting multiple offices and remote users.

Skyway West’s solution is to deliver a Cable service bundled with DSL, aggregating traffic over both services while providing additional reliability with Automatic Failover in case one service becomes unavailable.

Skyway’s bundled Cable and DSL offer includes:

Policy Routing:

Policy Routing allows Skyway to aggregate traffic over multiple Internet connections. For example, basic web browsing can be delivered over Cable while traffic that requires low latency (i.e. VoIP) is routed over DSL. Skyway can also route traffic based on the device on our customer’s network. For example, DSL for traffic from an IP PBX out to the Internet and for remote extensions connecting to the IP PBX . Policy Routing can be a huge advantage for Video, Remote Desk Top, Active Directory, VPN’s and Terminal Services.

Auto Failover:

Skyway includes an Auto Failover service, ensuring Internet connectivity if one connection becomes unavailable. We can also move assigned Static IP addresses from one connection to the other, and apply Quality of Service (QoS) for important applications. For example, if remote users are connected to applications using the Static IP address of the DSL service, those same IP’s can be moved to the Cable connection automatically. Skyway can also apply QoS for important applications if and when there is only one Internet service available.

Skyway also offers a Service Level Agreement (or SLA) for business customers that take advantage of our bundled Cable + DSL service. For those wishing to delve deeper into the choice between ADSL and Cable, check out this blog post that explains in detail the differences between Cable and DSL Internet services.

Contact us anytime to find out if our high-speed Cable and DSL services are available, if you you require monthly pricing.

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