The Modern Digital Workplace

Transform your business to the modern digital workplace

Digital Transformation is the use of new, fast-changing digital technology to solve problems. It often utilizes cloud computing and reduces reliance on user-owned hardware while increasing reliance on subscription-based cloud services. The modern Digital Workplace provides a new way of working for employees and new techniques to meet business needs. It will help your organization attract, retain, and engage a new generation of employees that will drive their business forward.

One driver of the modern digital workplace is Office 365, and a key application within Office is Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a unified communications platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration. The service integrates with your company’s Office 365 subscription and features extensions that can integrate with non-Microsoft products. Microsoft Teams can also be your business’s corporate phone system.

Business owners just starting their digital transformation, may not yet be embracing Teams company-wide. The more technical employees within the organization will start to utilize Teams early on. They’ll be its champion and share the benefits of the Teams application with their colleagues. This process may take time, and only as Teams is utilized throughout the entire business will management consider taking the next step to make Teams the corporate PBX.

If you are considering upgrading your telecommunications system today and you use Office 365, there is a high probability that Teams will become an important application within your business process. But if you are not yet taking advantage of Teams, it makes sense to choose a phone system that gives you the option to transition to Teams easily.

Managed Migration to Teams

Skyway’s Sweet UC is a Hosted PBX service powered by Kandy. This is through a partnership with Ribbon Communications and its Kandy Cloud Communications Platform. Businesses can add voice, video, messaging, chat and collaboration into any app, service or business process. Ribbon Communications also developed Microsoft approved Session Border Controllers that allow Skyway West to also deliver dial-tone to Microsoft Teams Phone System. But Skyway can take it one step beyond and offer both their Hosted PBX and Teams within the same organization. When the time is right, users can move to the Teams platform, keeping their same desk phone or headset. Kandy users and Teams users, working together within the same organization.

Chris Miles is a High-Speed Internet and Unified Communications Specialist, that includes Skyway West’s Sweet UC and Microsoft Teams Phone System.