Full Duplex Fibre: making a Business Case for a Fibre Internet Investment

Full Duplex Fibre

We are seeing more and more business owners moving away from best-effort Broadband services to low latency Full Duplex Fibre connections.  Unlike ADSL and Cable, Fibre is Symmetrical and offers a much more robust connection to the Internet, ideal for applications like Voice and Video.  But here’s the challenge, there is usually a very significant jump in the monthly investment for Fibre. The following is a business case for a Fibre Internet connection.

Converge Voice and Data:

One of the ways companies use to take advantage of Fibre, is to converge their Voice and Data onto the same Fibre circuit. By connecting their phone system to SIP Trunks for dial-tone, organizations can drop their expensive PRI phone service.  And because there are dramatic reductions in cost, SIP trunks can bring a number of advantages over the traditional PRI, including Bursting and Failover.


Skyway West Peers with ThinkTel, therefore Voice traffic does not touch the Public Internet.  Users enjoy a very low latency connection and ThinkTel SIP Trunks can be configured with Capacity On Demand. Also known as “channel bursting,” it allows your business to manage spikes and drops in usage. There are no busy signals and—just as importantly—you’re not paying for unused capacity. When you need the capacity, it’s there, it’s available, and you can consume as much you need, without any impact to your network.


ThinkTel’s Failover service branded SureCall, allows you to specify a call forwarding number for each active DIDs (Direct Inward Dialling) that will only forward calls if you experience connectivity issues. SureCall can be managed manually through their online portal, or automatically via a program that runs on your computers to sync employee information with ThinkTel.

Quality of Service (QoS):

Skyway can give important applications (i.e. Voice over IP) Priority over other applications.  We can also give important applications a dedicated amount of Bandwidth (i.e. 10 Mbps Guaranteed for Voice traffic).

For more information on Skyway’s Full Duplex Fibre service or ThinkTel’s SIP Trunking, feel free to contact me anytime.

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