Skyway adds value in High Speed, High Reliability Cable and ADSL (DSL) bundles for Vancouver business

I recently wrote that Skyway West is offering an Enterprise-Grade, High Speed Cable Internet Service. A big advantage for Vancouver area businesses will be the added reliability and performance of a bundled Cable and ADSL Internet connection.

As well as real Public Static IP addresses that will not change, we can also provide Policy Routing and Automatic Failover. Policy Routing splits traffic over multiple Internet connections. For example, basic web browsing can be delivered over Cable while traffic that requires low latency (i.e. VoIP, RDP) is routed over ADSL. Skyway can also route traffic based on the device on your network. For example, ADSL for traffic from an IP PBX out to the Internet and for remote extensions connecting to the IP PBX. Policy Routing can be a huge advantage for Video, Remote Desk Top, Active Directory, VPN’s and Terminal Services.

One suggested example of a High Speed, High Reliability bundle is combining an 100 Mbps Cable service and a 15 Mbps ADSL connection for $249 per month. As well as the above mentioned Policy Routing and Auto Failover, Skyway will also include in this our Managed Firewall or MetaLAN service.  Moving your Firewall “to the cloud” stops any malicious traffic before it utilizes bandwidth on either of your 2 connections.  And while your I.T. Administrator is an expert on the Local Area Network, Skyway engineers are Wide Area Network experts and have the tools to ensure your private network is protected.

Contact me anytime for more information on any of our Cable ADSL High Speed, High Reliability bundles.

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