A famous advertising slogan of past years was AT&T’s “Reach Out and Touch Someone”, first heard in 1979! For our younger viewers (jk), I’ll explain: It promoted Long Distance calling, which was indeed expensive… a direct dialed Vancouver to New York call was around $4 bucks a minute in those days, and most calls had 3 minute minimums. OUCH!

I’m proposing a new millennium makeover to a NEW slogan…”Reach Out and Text Someone”. Less creepy (lol) and more relevant…why? Over 50% of US teenagers text an average 1,500 times a month, and Canadian numbers are reputedly higher.

In 2010, text messages exceeded total phone calls for the first time.

Two questions for your business:
#1. If I have questions about your company’s products or services, can I text them to you?
#2. If I did, is there someone in your company ready to answer?

Today’s teenager is tomorrow’s business buyer… reach out.
Oh, and SPIM? That’s SPAM for Instant Messaging… coming soon to a smart phone near you.