Wayne Gretzky, TV and Bandwidth Caps

The Great One once said one of the most important things in the game was never skate to the puck; skate to where the puck is going…

A lesson well understood by our Canadian CLEC’s and ILEC’s, which want you to believe bandwidth caps ranging from 25 Gigabytes in Ontario to 60 GB in Quebec, are generous so why should we be worried?   Only “heavy users”  will be affected, they say.    By the way, Verizon, in the US, has a cap of 250 GB.

You know, they’re right… today.   But THEY KNOW, for a certainly, that Internet traffic will at least quadruple in the next four years… why?  Video traffic.    In 2015, 250 GB will look like a starting point for the kiddies.   Everyone will be a “heavy user”.

If the TV industry were to start, today,  they’d stream TV to you over the Internet.   Hands down the least expensive way to do it, which is why Netflix, Apple TV,  Google TV, ROKU, Justin.tv, Kyte, Livestream, Qik, Ustream,  YouTube/Google and Bit Gravity are just the beginning.

Or would be, except for such “generous”  GB bandwidth caps, which more than anything else, are one of the primary Telco / Cableco strategies to protect their future revenue streams for content delivery.

THEY KNOW where the puck is going… and now, so do you.