Pixel Explosions are Coming!

Yes!  It’s true.  Pixels are exploding.

Remember when Steve Job said, “1,000 songs in your pocket” … a big deal at the time for Apple’s itty bitty iPOD.

Remember SD?  TV – Standard Definition… Heck, nobody could care less what it was, until HD High Definition came out.

The numbers of bits we use to provide audio and optical information are growing exponentially  …

  • James Cameron has announced  AVATAR 2 will be shot in 4X the resolution of the first AVATAR movie.
  • Medical images taken by MRI scans are millions and millions of bits bigger than they were 5 years ago… because the picture resolution is higher, there’s A LOT MORE INFORMATION.

Think about it… you want the doctor to see the absolute best picture of your ailing kidney, right?   You want HD music to sound like you’re standing in the audience,  and James Cameron wants you to believe his Aliens are real.

Medical, music, movies… just three examples of an explosion in the number of  bits needed for the push to perfect digital reality.

All of this digital magic gets sent over the Internet at some point.

Lots more bits means bigger files means lots more bandwidth.

Guess who is salivating at this… why, it’s your friendly local phone and cable companies!

They want you to believe NOW that heavy users should pay more for bandwidth.

All part of the plan… set the BASELINE amount for “normal” use low today, whatever that is…

so they can charge more to the heavy users tomorrow.

Here’s the deal…tomorrow, we’re ALL going to be heavy users.

Here’s the question… a bright future where digital information is affordable?

Or gatekeepers controlling content?    Only if we let them.

That explosion… the real one could be the hole in your wallet.