Skyway Recommended October 1st to 7th

Each Monday we’ll pass on links to articles we thought were well worth reading from the previous week, kind of a Digg-lite for those who live where we do (British Columbia, Canada), work like we do (high speed business internet), and think like we do (internet trends, internet privacy, cutting-edge technology, etc.). If you don’t want to wait ’til Monday, we usually tweet and link to these as we come across them

AllthingsD: How to Take Better Pictures with your Smartphone

Here’s something that will put a smile on your face: The cameras on smartphones are getting better, so you no longer have to give up features or image quality for the sake of convenience. Companies like Apple, HTC, Nokia and Samsung are incorporating more advanced technology and functions into their devices. Even so, chances are good that your smartphone camera photos aren’t reaching their full potential. Read More…

AllThingsD: Google Moves Ahead in Fight to Dominate the Map Apps

Apple has been taking lots of justified heat for its decision to replace Google Maps on the iPhone with a fledgling, and flawed, maps app of its own. In my otherwise favorable review of the new iPhone 5, I called Apple’s maps app “the biggest drawback” on the device and “a step backward from the familiar Google app.” Read More…

Wired: Doubling Down on Enterprise Search: The Original Google Hardware Device Makes a Comeback

Nowadays, Google is known for all sorts of hardware. It designs servers and networking gear and other stuff for its massive data centers. It sells smartphones and tablets to the world at large. But before everything else, there was the Google Search Appliance. Read More…

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