Bonding Multiple ADSL Services Creates Enterprise-Grade Internet Connection

04. October 2012 Internet Services 0

A new customer recently came to us complaining of a really bad Internet connection with their previous ISP. Their existing  ADSL (DSL) service was quite far from the Telus Central Office (or CO) which resulted in a very slow Internet connection. ADSL is distance-sensitive, so the further you are away from the Telus CO, the slower the speed. High Speed Cable was not available and although Fibre was an option, the cost to bring Fibre into their building was very high.

Skyway West proposed T1 Xstream, a service that bonds multiple ADSL services together. T1 Xstream increases your download and upload speeds by combining multiple Internet services into a single connection. In this case we bonded 4 ADSL connections together, providing 1 block of Public Static IP addresses over all 4 services. We also delivered “No Loss Failover“, meaning there is NO disruption in service if 1, 2 or even 3 of the connections are unavailable. VoIP calls or terminal connections do NOT drop when an Internet connection fails, and people using VoIP will only lose a brief moment of communication, but their VoIP call will not disconnect. Those using a Terminal or a Citrix connection will also notice a very short delay but they will not have to reconnect afterward.

Skyway has built its reputation on adding value to internet services and technologies. In this case, we took a residential Internet access service like ADSL and made it enterprise-grade: in service quality, speed, and SLA. For example, the default Telus setting — the setting that most of our competitors use — for most ADSL lines is high latency because high latency stabilizes a poor line and reduces Telus service calls. We know the expected latency of any location, and if the latency exceeds what we believe it should be, we lower it to make the service more responsive, with more zip. We examine every ADSL service and fine-tune 90% of them.

Our T1 Xstream service gave our customer an Internet connection that was more that 4 times faster than their existing service, at a price far less than their alternatives, and included an SLA guaranteeing a day of credit for every hour of downtime.

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