Skyway’s Modern Edge: SD-WAN for today’s Business Communications

Skyway’s Modern Edge: SD-WAN for today’s Business Communications

With Voice over IP rapidly taking over the telephone market, BC and Alberta businesses are looking for the same kind of management of their Voice and Video network as is available for data networks. Enter Skyway’s Modern Edge: a fully managed SD-WAN cloud service which allows you to maximize the advantages of our modern SIP TrunksHosted PBX or Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams. 

With Skyway’s Modern Edge you can…

  • Prioritize Voice and Video applications
  • Dynamically optimize and prioritize multiple paths — redundant internet connections, MPLS, even LTE — to take full advantage of your network
  • Drill down, understand and resolve specific incidents in the Modern Edge Control Center
  • Operate with a complete visualization of your real time communications network, including a detailed breakdown of individual SIP sessions and full dashboard analytics

Benefits: Intelligence, Resiliency at Lower Cost

With built-in flexibility and intelligence, Skyway’s Modern Edge solution will mitigate costs for your business. Applying application intelligence to calls, routing and traffic prioritization makes more effective use of your existing infrastructure while increasing application performance across your WAN.

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