Cloud-based DNS Security from Nominum Data Science and Skyway West

Cloud-based DNS Security from Nominum Data Science and Skyway West

Cloud-based DNS Security is an essential security layer to protect your Business and your Clients from accidentally accessing and sharing malicious internet content. As a Business-focused ISP, Skyway West is uniquely positioned to help prevent our customers from accessing and spreading malware. Over the next two months, our DNS servers will be modified to ensure our customers don’t inadvertently connect to known malicious websites.

Our cloud-based DNS security solution will protect your business, customers, employees and all connected devices from phishing, viruses, spyware, ransomware and other malware through fine-tuned content filtering capabilities and real-time database updates that block inappropriate and malicious content. Backed by Nominum Data Science, which analyzes 100 billion DNS queries daily to avert cyberthreats, Skyway’s DNS Security will be an added layer of protection that keeps your business secure from emerging threats.

As well as known malicious websites, traffic sources such as command and control servers run by cyber criminals will also be blocked. We will also have the ability to automatically block replies to phishing attacks, websites containing malware and viruses, and fraudulent websites pretending to be legitimate. Any Internet enabled device (eg. camera, photocopier or IP phone) that is using our DNS to convert URLs (ie, host names) into IP addresses is protected: our DNS Firewall will stop them from reaching the IP addresses of known malware sites.

Our DNS Security Service will be a free service to Skyway customers using our DNS because we strongly believe that as an ISP we have a responsibility to do all we can to prevent the spread of malware. For redundancy, our DNS Firewall will use multiple DNS servers that are hosted on different network blocks and in different locations.

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