Five Reasons Why You Should Move Up to Cloud Communications

Five Reasons Why You Should Move Up to Cloud Communications

You’re probably already using cloud software to run your business – whether it’s a cloud-based CRM like Salesforce, cloud-based storage and document management, even cloud-based accounting and other operations. The cloud has matured in the computing world and is now the rule rather than the exception.

And now, smart businesses are expanding their cloud thinking to include cloud-based real time communications. What does this mean? It’s simple – subscribe to a service making it easy for your team members to communicate using voice, data and video collaboration – securely and reliably – without the need for special equipment, expensive maintenance plans, service calls, and more, supporting old-fashioned systems that keep people tethered to their desks.

Take a few minutes to check out these five reasons to switch to the cloud. In five minutes – with five reasons – you can jumpstart a conversation with us about how to dramatically improve how you and your team and your customers and partners are getting work done by staying connected more easily and affordably.

  1. New Technology: Why support an antiquated phone system? When your team can simply use state-of-the-art apps on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops, logging in from anywhere to reach people anywhere.
  2. Spend as you go: Cloud communications require no capex and are simply billed by the month. These costs are predictable and flexible, transparent with no hidden fees or strings attached.
  3. Eliminate administrative headaches, time and salaries: Cloud communications can be easily outsourced including a 24/7 helpdesk, freeing up your staffing budget to hire people who can advance your business, instead of managing a phone system.
  4. Move forward and collaborate more creatively: Enable road warriors, teleworkers, team members who travel constantly; improve their productivity and remove expensive real estate costs for those individuals who can work from anywhere.
  5. Protect your business with communications continuity built into the solution: Cloud communications is web-based and can be securely accessed with usernames and passwords – within seconds of an emergency or natural disaster, teams can join together to keep address concerns and keep the business flowing.

Learn more by visiting the Skyway Kandy UC website or by downloading our free E-Book, or contact us at for an assessment of your current phone system and recommendations on moving into the next generation of business communications.

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