What is Skyway West Policy Routing Service?

Skyway West’s Policy Routing Service takes advantage of the attributes of two separate Internet connections, instead of paying for an extra service simply for Failover.

At Skyway West, we highly recommend two separate WAN links to the Internet, ideally using two different technologies.  For example, High Speed Cable and Business ADSL.

High Speed Cable is great for basic web browsing and email, but we don’t recommend Cable for applications like Voice over IP (or VoIP).  ADSL has much Lower Latency than Cable and we find VoIP and Video perform much better over a Business ADSL service.  Giving Voice its own dedicated Internet connection delivers  much better call quality, as voice does not have to compete with data traffic.

Policy Routing

Working with you, we tag traffic based on a variety of metrics including IP Addresses, Type of Service (TOS) bits, Protocol and Port ranges. Tagged traffic is assigned a Circuit running over the most appropriate of your WAN links to the Internet, while all untagged traffic is assigned a remaining Circuit.

If one WAN link fails, the second provides a Failover solution, perfect if your business relies on the Internet to connect remote workers, IP phone systems or important applications in the cloud.

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