2013 Skyway Support Blog Posts in Review

08. January 2014 Internet Support 0

January is the time I like to take a look back at my previous year’s posts and update you with news or other tidbits of relevant information I think you might find interesting. I’ve included links so you can review articles you may have missed. So without further adieu…

Last year’s blog entries started out with a review of our SpamAssassin product. SpamAssassin remains a popular option for those wanting to protect themselves from unwanted junk mail. Couple that with our Antivirus product and you have a great way of protecting your networks from known threats as well.

The SpamAssassin Blog Post

Skyway West updated their DNS server IP addresses last year. In March I took a look at DNS servers, explaining a bit about how they work and which ones might be best to maximize speedy returns from site you may want to visit.

Skyway West DNS Servers Blog Post

My post of April 2013 dealt with having secure passwords for your email accounts as well as other services you may need to access remotely. A secure password will go a long way toward keeping your data secure.

Secure Email and other Passwords Blog Post

In preparation for Windows 8.1 I did a re-visit to Windows 8. Despite the drawbacks of not having a proper Start button and a few other quirks I was reasonably happy – at first. By the time May rolled around I was finding many issues, mostly with the stability, which was making me nervous about continuing with the Windows 8 product. More on this front below.

Review: Checking in on Windows 8 Blog Post

If you didn’t get the chance to read my Jun 2013 article on PGS systems (Pair Gain Systems) you should take a moment and check it out. In that article I explained what PGS systems are and how they work to benefit the speeds Skyway West can now offer our customers.

Advantages of Pair Gain Systems Blog Post

In July my thoughts were turning to the warmth of the sun as I presented you some ideas that would let you work outside the office but still be productive. I hope at least some of you took advantage of them.

It’s Summer: Tips for Working Outside and Away From the Office Blog Post

Continuing with my “protect yourself” security theme of 2013, in August I presented some information about the sources of Spam and offered some suggestions for tools to thwart potential “no-gooders”. I received several pings on this entry.

Where Does Spam Come From and How Do I Protect Myself? Blog Post

In September I wrote a post on the future requirements of SSL certificates. As of the current writing, all certificates must have 2048 bit encryption on them or risk being invalid. Read the article below for further information.

Coming in January: Greater SSL Encryption Blog Post

Apple released their iOS 7 firmware update for their newer mobile devices in October. I am far from being an Apple fan boy but I have to say their phones and tablets are very impressive – even more so with the iOS 7 release. I do find that iOS 7 does seem to have a higher battery drain on my older iPad 3. Still the speed is tolerable on that device and my iPad never looked better.

A User Review of Apple’s iOS7 Blog Post

On the heels of iOS 7, Microsoft Windows released their upgrade to Windows 8 – Windows 8.1. I installed 8.1 as an upgrade to Windows 8 and had significant problems with files corrupting and being overwritten or deleted. I assume this to be a driver problem and tried upgrading drivers, but still the problem persisted. It was becoming a serious issue. Before a month was up I ended up reinstalling Windows 7 and have been there since. Too bad, I had hopes for Windows 8.1. Though it still doesn’t have a proper Start button, Microsoft did address issues inherent in Windows 8. I may try again next time Microsoft comes up with a complete overhaul. RUMOUR: The next major update to Windows is reported to have a real Start button, but apparently this is still over a year away from release.

Why Buy Windows 8.1? Blog Post

Last but not least, my December effort was filled with some interesting tidbits from articles and sites I had found online. Interesting stuff I thought I would share.

Interesting Tech and Other Stories form 2013 Blog Post

So there is my 2013 Year in Review. I hope that you were able to take something away from these articles and apply them to your own tech world. Moving forward I wish all of you all the best and a very Happy New Year.

Got a question or an idea for a topic you would like to see covered in one of my upcoming blogs? Write to support@skywaywest.com and sound off. I’ll do what I can to address your questions or concerns either personally in a reply email or on the blog. Until next month, take care.