E100 Fibre (Fiber) Service is the New T1

Not too long ago, BC and Alberta enterprise customers connected to the Internet with a T1 service. A T1 gave users a Guaranteed, Full Duplex 1.5 Mbps Internet connection that included an SLA (Service Level Agreement).  Today you can get a 10 Mbps Fibre service for about the same monthly cost as you would have paid just a few years ago for a traditional T1, but this is where things get interesting: for just a few hundred dollars more per month, you can enjoy the benefits of a full E100!

A Full Duplex 100 Mbps (Guaranteed) Fibre service gives BC and Alberta business a number of options. One of which is the ability to dedicate bandwidth for important applications. Not only can Skyway give some applications priority using QoS, but we can dedicate enough bandwidth for any number of important Apps.  Take, for example, Voice over IP.  VoIP generally uses approximately 100k per phone call.  With a 100 Mbps Fibre service, we can dedicate a mere 5.0 Mbps just for Voice, perfect for about 50 simultaneous calls. This also removes the need for a separate PRI service from the phone company, resulting in savings of about $500 per month.

Another advantage of Fibre is the ability to upgrade the service at any time, keeping bandwidth in step with growing business requirements. As of this writing, that’s all the way up to a full GigE or 1,000 Mbps.  Sign up for what you need now, and know that you’re ready for more bandwidth down the road.

Guaranteed Bandwidth, an SLA, QoS and the ability to aggregate both Voice and Data over one reliable connection are just a few of the reasons why I.T. departments are taking advantage of Full Duplex Fibre.  Contact us anytime if you have questions about Fibre or are interested in which Internet services are available in your area.

Chris Miles | 604-484-5257 | cmiles@skywaywest.com