Skyway Recommended February 25th to March 3rd

Each Monday we’ll pass on links to articles we thought were well worth reading from the previous week, for those who live where we do (British Columbia, Canada), work like we do (high speed business internet), and think about things we do (internet trends, internet privacy, internet censorship, cutting-edge technology, etc.). If you don’t want to wait ’til Monday, we usually tweet and link to these as we come across them

Gizmodo | How Graphene Could Transform the Gadgets of the Future

Graphene doesn’t need any introduction: it’s the super material to beat ’em all. But this beautiful video demonstrates how it could transform the future of the gadgets you use everyday. Read More…

 It World Canada | Canadian Bill C-475 calls for mandatory data breach reporting

With the Conservative government’s privacy reform bill sitting untouched after being introduced about two years ago, New Democractic Party MP Charmain Borg has introduced a private member’s bill that that would make it mandatory for organizations to report data breach incidents. Read More…

Financial Post | Canada’s anti-spam laws to make it harder for businesses to send emails to customers

Are you tired of being inundated with email for 100%-natural male enhancement pills and too-good-to-be-true software promising to clean your Mac or PC’s operating system for free? Well, take heart, because Canadians may finally enjoy new protection against unsolicited electronic messages and the spread of spyware and malware next year, when a long-awaited piece of legislation is expected to go into effect. But some industry groups say Canada could lose more than spam when Bill C-28 comes into force. Read More…

Global Knowledge White Paper | 10 Ways Malicious Code Reaches Your Private Network [PDF]

As of 2010, there are nearly 3 million unique forms of known malicious code, and thousands of new ones are discovered daily. The risk of being infected is greater than ever. The damage caused by an infection can range from a minor annoyance to a catastrophic disaster. The old wisdom continues to ring true: an ounce of preven- tion is worth a pound of cure. Read More… [PDF]