Moving? What Internet Options are Available at the New Office?

I got a call from a Calgary business owner who had recently moved his business. He was looking for Internet options at the new office. The building currently had a 6.0 Mbps ADSL service, but he wanted something faster. High Speed Cable was not available at the new address and there was no Fixed Wireless service. Unfortunately, it turned out that the conduit for this building was damaged, so until it is repaired, no additional cabling can be added.

Normally in a situation like this Skyway West would have suggested Full Duplex Fibre or a Bonded service we call T1 Xstream, a service that bonds 2, 3 or 4 ADSL connections together and provides “No Loss Failover“. However Fibre or additional copper for the ADSL could not be added until the landlord repaired the building’s conduit, so now we wait…

The moral of the story? We recommend exploring your internet options at any address you’re considering first, before signing a lease. Give us a call and we can help you investigate any number of Internet connectivity options in British Columbia and Alberta.

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