A High Speed Bonded ADSL (DSL) Internet Service

10. August 2012 Internet Services 0

Recently I was working with a new customer whose Calgary business was looking for an E10 Fibre internet connection. Unfortunately, the install for Fibre was cost-prohibitive: we could deliver a Full Duplex Fibre service, but the $15,000 cost to bring Fibre into their building from the street exceeded their budget. Because of their location, they also couldn’t take advantage of Skyway’s new High Speed Cable service and Upstream Bandwidth on a regular ADSL service was not sufficient for their needs.

Instead we delivered a bonded ADSL service we call T1 Xstream, a service that bonds 2 or more ADSL services. In this case, four ADSL connections gave our customer 60 Mbps Downstream and 4.0 Mbps Up on a more reliable connection than cable and at a lower cost than Fibre. We were also able to configure a block of Public Static IP addresses over all 4 connections, so if one service failed there was NO loss in service. No loss in service meant that there were NO dropped VPN’s, Terminal Server sessions or Voice over IP calls. Like any Enterprise Internet service, we provided a Service Level Agreement, or SLA.

Another advantage was the higher Downstream bandwidth. At 60 Mbps this bonded ADSL service is six times faster than the E10 connection the customer originally wanted, and closer to the performance of our fastest (E100) Fibre service.

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