Skyway West Recommended July 2nd to July 8th

Each Monday we’ll pass on links to articles we thought were well worth reading from the previous week, kind of a Digg-lite for those who live where we do (British Columbia, Canada), work like we do (high speed business internet), and think like we do (internet trends, internet privacy, cutting-edge technology, etc.). If you don’t want to wait ’til Monday, we usually tweet and link to these as we come across them

Ottawa Citizen: Internet authority wants more exchange points set up to avoid detours to U.S. and other countries

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority wants Canadians to know where their emails are going — and keep more of those messages on Canadian soil. Read More…

Ad Age: Google Battles Amazon for Hot Domains .Search, .Movie, .Store

The world is getting a glimpse into what the future of the web may look like. And it’s competitive. Last week the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers — the nonprofit group that manages the web’s infrastructure — unveiled all applications for new web address suffixes, called generic top-level domains, or gTLDs. ICANN received 1,930 applications in total; check out the full list. Read More…

USA Today: New Malware Scare May Knock Millions off the Internet 

Despite repeated alerts, tens of thousands may still lose their Internet service Monday unless they do a quick check of their computers for malware that could have taken over their machines more than a year ago. The warnings about the Internet problem have been splashed across Facebook and Google. Internet service providers have sent notices, and the FBI set up a special website. Read More… [Followup: ExtremeTech: Symantec accused of malware scare tactics to sell its security software]