Is a Fibre Internet Connection Enough Bandwidth for Business?

At Skyway West we love a High Speed Full Duplex Fibre connection. A Symmetrical Fibre service has the lowest latency, jitter and packet loss, and is perfect for sensitive applications like VoIP, video conferencing and virtual private networks. Furthermore, I.T. Administrators who were once forking over hundreds of dollars per month on a 1.5 Mbps T1, can get an E10 fibre connection for about the same monthly investment. With high speed residential cable widely available, however, users are getting used t0 very high speeds when they browse the Internet or download music or video at home. Just a few family members might share a 25 Mbps residential service, so 50 business users sharing 10 Mbps may have a less favourable browsing experience.

Depending on where your business is in BC or Alberta, upgrading an E10 to a 100 Mbps Fibre service may only be a few hundred dollars per month.  Add Skyway QoS (or Quality of Service) and your important business applications will see an uptake in performance. Another alternative is to move your web browsing traffic to a 50 or 100 Mbps Cable service. Cable has higher latency and the bandwidth is “best effort“, and not Guaranteed like in Fibre, but for web surfing, cable is great. Skyway can deliver a High Speed DSL or Cable service, provide an Auto Failover, and configure Policy Routing.

Policy Routing allows Skyway to aggregate traffic over multiple Internet connections. For example, basic web browsing can be delivered over Cable while traffic that requires low latency (i.e. VoIP) is routed over Fibre. Skyway can also route traffic based on the device on our customer’s network. For example, Fibre for traffic from an IP PBX out to the Internet and for remote extensions connecting to the IP PBX . Policy Routing can be a huge advantage for Video, Remote Desk Top, Active Directory, VPN’s and Terminal Services.

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