Skyway’s Cable and ADSL Failover solution preserves Static IP address

I’ve written a number of blog posts regarding the High Speed ADSL and Cable Internet bundles we offer to BC and Alberta businesses. There are many advantages in aggregating traffic over two separate connections, and even more so with the Skyway automatic Failover solution that will preserve your same Static IP address.

As an I.T. administrator, if you are connecting Branch offices and remote users to important applications we will streamline your internet performance by connecting business applications like Terminal Services over a lower latency internet service such as ADSL or Fibre while separating basic web browsing to run over Cable. Remote IP telephones and VoIP services like SIP trunking also perform much better over lower latency internet services. Voice over IP (VoIP) is great over a Full Duplex Fibre circuit, but Fibre may not fit within your budget at a small or medium sized branch location, so giving VoIP its own ADSL connection may be perfect for you if it does not need to compete for bandwidth.

Two separate Internet services gives business a much more reliable internet connection. If, however, remote users are connected to an IP address of one of the services which becomes unavailable this can still be a headache for I.T. staff. Skyway’s solution is to provide the same block of Public Static IP addresses over both connections. If one service fails there is no change in an IP address. As well, if you are down to only one connection QoS (Quality of Service) is activated, giving your important applications priority over the single circuit.

Although there are a number of Dual WAN routers that offer failover, Skyway deploys a GigE appliance that detects when the failed service comes back on-line, without manual intervention or a re-boot of customer equipment.

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Internet and Wide Area Network Sales Consultant