Skyway West Cable/ADSL bundles: The Perfect High Speed Internet Service for VoIP

My last few blog posts have highlighted the Skyway West Cable and DSL Internet bundles with which Vancouver area businesses can take advantage of the performance and  added reliability of two high speed Internet services aggregated together. One of our bundle options includes a Skyway business ADSL service dedicated for VoIP traffic and a 25 Mbps Cable service for web browsing. Reserving a low latency ADSL Internet connection for VoIP results in the best voice quality, ideal for anyone taking advantage of an IP telephone system or connected to a hosted, cloud-based IP PBX.

Generally our business and enterprise customers are finding that the high speeds on Cable are great for web browsing, but important business applications like VoIP and Terminal Services perform much better on a low latency service like ADSL.  As well, two Internet connections with an automated failover provide a much more reliable connection to the Internet.

Skyway’s 25 Mbps Cable + DSL package is only $149 per month, with the option of upgrading to a 50 Mbps Cable service for just $20/month more.

Contact me anytime for more information on any of our Cable/DSL High Speed, High Reliability bundles.

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