Telephone Interconnect Company Takes Advantage of Skyway Hosted Firewall

A Vancouver Interconnect company that supports IP telephone systems is using a cloud-based firewall to protect their VoIP customers from malicious Internet attacks. Moving their VoIP firewall to the cloud prevents these attacks from reaching the customer’s site and impairing their VoIP service.

The MetaLAN Private Network firewall is provided by Skyway West Business Internet Services and managed by Skyway engineers. It provides three benefits:

  1. Ports are opened in the Firewall to allow for VoIP traffic, and for added security only traffic from safe locations is given access to the IP phone system. Safe locations are identified by their Static IP address, so if a connection is not coming from a specific public IP then the port is not available and the traffic does not congest your internet connection.
  2. Moving your VoIP firewall to the cloud prevents “hackers” scanning your Internet connection for open VoIP ports from reaching your site and stealing your Internet bandwidth while they attempt to break into your Firewall.
  3. A cloud-based VoIP firewall also prevents denial of service (DoS) attacks from reaching your VoIP server and overwhelming your Internet connection.

With the Firewall moved to the cloud, Skyway engineers can block malicious activity before it touches your Internet connection. The result is more bandwidth available for voice and more predictable call quality.

Businesses investing in VoIP services often use a dedicated Internet service for simplicity when troubleshooting the service, as well as to prevent other Internet applications from interfering with VoIP. Cable Internet varies in speed and at time has very high latency so DSL is the Internet service of choice for dedicated Voice over IP.

Skyway offers a dedicated ADSL service for VoIP for only $69 per month.  Our MetaLAN Private Network service (or Hosted Firewall) is an additional $10. Skyway can also supply and manage a GigE appliance, allowing you to connect two separate Internet connections to your local computer network.  We can then aggregate the traffic, so that VoIP traffic utilizes the Skyway DSL, while web surfing uses a separate Internet connection.  This gives business an auto fail-over, in case one of the Internet connections is not available. We can also deliver QoS or Quality of Service, giving important applications (like VoIP) priority when all traffic is temporarily sharing the one connection.

For information on our dedicated VoIP ADSL service or our MetaLAN Private Network Service, contact me anytime.  Below is a short presentation on our Private Network service.

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