New Facebook feature further erodes online privacy

Or, Freaky Fun for the Whole Family

Quick, answer this multiple choice question:

“The Big Z” refers to:

a) A tasty hamburger on the restaurant menu at a Zeller’s department store.

b) Head of the world’s largest media company.

c) The future nickname for a man worth over 20 Billion dollars.

d) All of the above.

Robert Scobie, well known tech blogger, came up with the “Freaky Line” – an intangible limit that people will share information about themselves on Facebook before they freak out at the lack of privacy.   It’s a good read:

Through the miracle of “frictionless sharing”, Facebook wants to custom curate all your favourite news, video, music, sports, activities and recommended restaurant listings.   (Will Zeller’s ever make the list?)

I find it  interesting that the word “curation” evolved from the Latino “curatus”; meaning: “The person in charge.”

Who do you think that is?  You?  Where’s George Orwell when you need him?

Kim Komando has great tips on “cleaning up” your Facebook profile at Don’t let Timeline embarrass you.

I wonder if Mark Zuckerberg knows there’s a hamburger named after him…

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This week’s iPAD discovery:  The word “Video” in the  search bar of the Canadian iTunes store offers up 41 pages of iPAD (only) “apps”…8,157 by my count.   I’m afraid to find out what the number would be if I had included iPhone apps.