6 Steps to Plan and Implement High Speed Business Internet

Planning a new installation of high speed business internet services? Follow our step-by-step guide below.

1 . Plan and design internet infrastructure to meet business requirements

  • Select high speed internet infrastructure in line with business and end-user requirements, within budget limitations. DSL and cable are least expensive, fixed wireless and fibre (fiber) are most expensive.
  • Evaluate the internet service for satisfactory performance (i.e., latency, packet loss, jitter) and confirm that the service meets business and end-user requirements. Fibre has least latency, packet loss, jitter.
  • Ensure that hardware, software, network and security requirements are in accordance with agreed business and end-user specifications.
  • Research internet to source suppliers, technologies, delivery schedules and replacement parts and document findings. ADSL and cable take a week, Fixed wireless three weeks and Fibre two to three months.
  • Evaluate internet service providers and establish their capability to deliver the required connection service. Skyway West provides DSL, Cable, Fibre and Fixed wireless and speeds from 1 Mbps to 200 Mbps.
  • If connecting multiple sites, determine if a private network is required.
  • Decide if using public or private internet protocol address internally.
  • Determine public and private internet protocol address allocation based on the number of addresses needed.

2 . Install and configure internet infrastructure to meet business requirements

  • Install, label and test cables, where appropriate.
  • Build and test servers.
  • Install, configure and test switches.
  • Install, configure and test firewalls.
  • Install and test broadband hardware with selected internet service provider. Use ping to test latency, use Skyway West speed test to test speed and jitter.
  • Install workstation software and configure access to services.
  • If required, install the necessary hardware and software to connect the internet to intranets or network.
  • Configure domain names, internet protocol addresses and network address translation settings to make internet access possible. Skyway West will host your domain name and reverse look ups.

3 . Install and configure internet services to meet business requirements

  • Set up software to provide services as required.
  • Install and configure software that provides internet links with existing databases, documents, files.
  • Develop templates and style guides for internet documents.
  • Configure security access levels to safeguard data, making use of appropriate tools.
  • Write ISP support number and email address on ISP equipment, if not already there.
  • Post internet support numbers in server room and corporate telephone book.

4 . Test security and internet access

  • Test and verify security access levels.
  • Monitor and evaluate capability and reliability of security systems.
  • Make changes to system to ensure protection against known and potential threats.

5 . Ensure that user accounts are verified for security access and monitored

  • Verify user settings to ensure that they conform to security policies.
  • Have legal notices displayed at appropriate locations for system users.
  • Check passwords in accordance with business policies and verify with software utility tools.
  • Plug well-known security gaps with appropriate hardware and/or software.

6 . Manage and Support the internet

  • Assist management in developing procedures and policies for maintaining the internet infrastructure.
  • Obtain, install and use management tools to assist in internet administration. Familiarize staff with Skyway West Network Health Dashboard.
  • Monitor traffic, appropriateness of broadcasts, content access and hits over the internet. Use Skyway West Network Health Dashboard to view usage statistics, usage graphs and analyze traffic.
  • Create logs and other reports required to manage and support the internet.
  • Optimize internet performance. Have Skyway West prioritize your traffic according to your needs.
Note: This list was adapted for Skyway West from the excellent training units at Training 02.2