The Five Stages of a Marketing Program

16. November 2011 Internet Trends 0

I’ve worked with a lot of different companies over the years — CTO for a national long distance reseller, Operations Manager for an Interconnect phone company, consulting on High Speed Internet Access and Services for Business, to name a few. What defines the good ones is how well they rise to the occasion during tough times…

Do you know the Five Stages of Marketing?

  1. Wild Enthusiasm
  2. Panic
  3. Search for the Guilty
  4. Punishment of the Innocent
  5. Reward of the Non-Involved.

The great thing about a small business is we can adapt quickly… and the Internet provides one of the best tools to drive new revenue opportunities to your business.

  • BLOGS create interest in your company… are you posting relevant and fresh information?
  • Is your web site easy to navigate, and updated with current information?
  • Are you using Social Media to interact with your customers, and are you responding?
  • Are you driving the VISIBILITY of your business through Search Engine Optimization?
  • Finally, and most important, are you BRANDING your business?  Do people know what your expertise is, what you DO, what you stand for,  and recognize how can you help their business.

Pull, don’t just push… that’s something we all need to do to achieve success, and the Internet is the way to do it.