The Benefits of Combining Voice and Data over the Internet

11. October 2011 Internet Services 0

Yes, voice and data convergence was introduced back in the 80’s. ISDN (“Integrated Services Digital Network”, but some of its more unflattering nicknames included “It Still Does Nothing” or “I See Dollars Now “) was a common variant touted by most major telecom companies. But here we are 25 years later and we still have a very “unconverged” voice and data landscape.

Why? Telecom companies, system manufacturers and internet solution providers have their own business plans and are very good at what they do, which above all is just to survive in this very competitive business. A tough business because customers have come to expect competition and technology to lower costs and provide better value.

This is obviously very good for consumers of these services, but it can be even better by combining voice and data in a single internet connection. So lets investigate several ways Skyway West can lower your telecom costs and increase productivity and goodwill for your organization.

3 examples of how to improve your voice data telecom networks:

  1. Instead of having separate voice lines, data connections, fax, cellular and internet access — each with its own cost and support issues — consider a single connection delivering various technologies with 2-way traffic prioritization. Yes, this can be done in a quality-assured, reliable and secure manner.
  2. Explore new voice/telephone technologies. Chances are you have an old phone system and your computer and cellular networks are where your money has been spent over the last 15 years. Your corporate cell bill is probably larger than your telephone bill. Your company buys computers regularly. But that old Nortel telecom system is still chugging away 20 years later! Believe it or not, a thorough review of present telecom costs often reveals errors and/or excesses to the benefit of your present supplier. Using the benefits in 1 above, I often see clients getting a new telecom system with improved productivity and goodwill-enhancing benefits for the same or less than they were paying previously.
  3. Investigate video-conferencing technologies. Yes, this has been around for years as well. In the early days, expensive equipment was needed at each endpoint and the bandwidth had to be perfect because very often a “big boss” would be presenting and they (big bosses) don’t like to look silly if the picture is “unflattering”  (these early systems were all of that!). Today, we have the ability to e-mail a link to a prospective video-conferencing participant and create a high-def quality session for a fraction of what it used to cost. Of course this is a huge benefit for us productivity-driven folks who have become more and more averse to travelling. Not just on airplanes either as the traffic-choked streets of Vancouver are showing us these days.

How does SkywayWest do this?

Simple (not really but we are good at this after doing it forever!):

  1. We resell and add value to Telus, Bell, Allstream, Shaw and Terrago data network products like ADSL, cable, fibre and MPLS. After a review of your requirements, we pick the best solution for you and beat them (the above-mentioned carriers) at their own game by buying wholesale and adding our unique features.
  2. We partner with Tier 1 system providers such as Cisco, Mitel, Avaya, Microsoft, Shoretel and others to determine which telecom system best fits your application and budget. Our experience in this area provides you with an insider’s view into the sales process.
  3. We provide financial alternatives to technical problems. If a technology costs too much and doesn’t do enough to offset a painful expense, we’ll be the first to tell you and not waste your valuable time. Our aim is to lower your monthly operating expenses, increase productivity and goodwill, and help you grow your business. And if you tell someone else later, we like that too!

What do you do now for help?

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