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02. August 2011 Internet Support 0

It can sometimes be a challenge to get past the emotions of a client who has flustered themselves trying to resolve a problem, not been able to resolve their problem and then run out of time to complete the project they were working on before the issue came up.  I can think of a great example that came up a few years ago.

I had a client who absolutely needed to send an email out but they couldn’t because our mail server wouldn’t accept the mail.  They had stewed over the problem for more than an hour and with each passing moment of stress, because their mail wasn’t being sent, they were getting more and more steamed.  By the time they gave up and decided to call me they were in a state that would probably have frightened Genghis Khan right out of his boots and had him heading for the hills.

Summarily, I answered the phone, not knowing what I was in for, and listened while the client poured out his stress and frustration. Soon we were quite quickly able to resolve the issue by correcting a simple spelling mistake in his outgoing email settings. Like lots of tech support issues, it was really a simple solution, but I’m happy when we can resolve things so quickly. After all, mail clients can be difficult to configure.

Anyway, after calming the person down and resolving his issue we tried to send the mail again.   As expected, the mail was sent and I received a very nice thank you from the client for my efforts.

The bottom line is, life is too short and bound by too many deadlines.  If you feel you are technical enough to take a stab or two at a problem to resolve it, then – give it a try.  If you still run into trouble beyond that then please give the support department a call.  We are there to help and we want to help you if we can!  At the very least we can direct you to where you can get the help you need – even if the help is outside Skyway West.

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