El Internet Magnífico, Amigo!

Yes, it truly is…if you use its full potential.

What are some of the possibilities beyond just email and web surfing?

  • Lower telephone Trunk costs with Voice over IP.
  • Lower travel costs with video conferencing (75% less bandwidth is required now for HIGH resolution pictures).
  • Lower international LD costs with SKYPE.
  • Cloud based computing… less hardware, software, maintenance… check out Google’s new Chromebook!
  • Lower cellular data charges by creating an isolated guest wi-fi network in your office.

Start looking at your Internet connection as a NEW doorway into and out of your business:

  • Affordable ways to call out 0f town customers, and for them to call you.
  • Greater and affordable use of mobile devices inside your office, for both staff and clients.
  • Cloud based presentations services are easily accessible for sales and marketing staff on the road.

That’s just the start… how do YOU use the Internet beyond the basics?

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    Wakacje on September 28, 2011

    Great concept. Another informative post. This is a very nice blog that I will definitively come back to several more times this year!

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