Skyway West Recommended May 28th to June 3rd

Each Monday we’ll pass on links to articles we thought were well worth reading from the previous week, kind of a Digg-lite for those who live where we do (British Columbia, Canada), work like we do (high speed business internet), and think like we do (internet trends, internet privacy, cutting-edge technology, etc.). If you don’t want to wait ’til Monday, we usually tweet and link to these as we come across them

USA Today: What Small Business Can Learn from Google

When I talk to people about Google and its organizational culture, they are equally fascinated and hopeless, believing that the magic behind Google lies in the deep revenue streams that make it possible to feed its employees three meals a day. Small businesses, especially, tend to dismiss Google as a wholly unattainable model for running a business. Read More…

Atlantic Wire: The Internet Is Getting A ‘Cat Signal’ ( the Internet Defense League)

The Internet has a new line of defense against laws like SOPA and PIPA that threaten the web’s free-flow of information: The Internet Defense League.  The roster of websites that have already signed up reads like the Internet’s own version of the Justice League. According to AllThingsD, “WordPress, Imgur, Reddit, Cheezburger Network, Public Knowledge, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Craigslist founder Craig Newmark” have all agreed to participate. Read More…

IT Business Canada: Canadian government data centres will be classified as a national security priority

According to a document from Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), government data centres will be classified as a national security priority, which means equipment and services for building data centres will be procured differently than they are today. Read More…

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