Why are Static IP addresses important?

Static IP addresses provide a stable connection and permit remote users to access corporate firewalls and servers. (e.g., mail, web, ftp, voice over IP).

Static IP addresses make it possible to connect branch offices, home users and remote employees to your LAN. Network administrators can connect to the office servers to maintain them. Remote users can authenticate their access to the office network. Static IP addresses are essential if you host your own mail or web server and also necessary to make an application like a corporate database or accounting program accessible over the Internet.

Additionally, static IP addresses permit Skyway to continually monitor and measure the health of your service and determine if any problems that arise are due to our equipment, your firewall or the cable between them.

Static IP addresses are included with all our services. All Skyway customers may move from one Skyway service to another or from one location to another without changing their IP addresses.

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