Skyway West Auto Failover Internet Service

Skyway West offers an Automatic Internet Failover Service, ideal for any BC or Alberta organization that sees the Internet as an important business tool. 

Skyway’s Auto Failover Service is different than simply connecting a dual WAN router to your Local Area Network.  Many of these routers do a great job of detecting when one of your Internet services become unavailable, but they usually require a manual reboot once the 2nd connection comes back up.  Skyway’s Failover service, on the other hand, is constantly monitoring both Internet connections and knows when a service has either failed or come back to life, and will return to take advantage of the second connection within minutes.

Skyway can also give both Internet services one block of Public Static IP addresses, which makes life a whole lot easier for any remote workers.  In the non-Skyway dual WAN router scenario, you’ll have two separate IP blocks, one associated with each of your two Internet services. If a remote worker is connected to your business over one of your connections and that service fails, then the remote user needs to reconnect to the business using another IP address from the second Internet service.  This might require a separate VPN running on each remote workers machine and adds a lot more complexity for a non-technical user.  Instead, on Skyway’s Auto Failover service, the IP address is the same, even if one of the connections fails.

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