Skyway West WAN options for BC and Alberta Business

Recently I  spoke with an I.T. administrator who manages a Wide Area Network with locations throughout BC and Alberta.  He explained that he uses both Telus for ADSL and Shaw for Cable, because management prefers to deal with “the big boys”. While it is true that Skyway West is smaller in size, there are services that we  deliver that are simply unavailable to our much larger competitors.

How we are different:

As well as offering Symmetrical Full Duplex Fibre services across Canada, Skyway West can also deliver both a Business ADSL and High Speed Cable throughout BC and Alberta. For example, for about the same price as Shaw’s Cable 100, Skyway can deliver a Cable 100 + 25 Mbps ADSL service with an Automatic Failover. At the same time, because Cable has a bit more latency, we can Policy Route your traffic, delivering some applications over the lower latency ADSL while delivering web browsing traffic (for example) over Cable. We provide the same block of Static IP addresses over both services and automatically fail over from one connection to another if ever one becomes unavailable. On top of this, all traffic is delivered over one “routed” network!

Skyway’s ability to deliver all access technologies and superior networking capabilities means we can take residential Internet access services like ADSL (DSL) and Cable and make them enterprise-grade. For example, with DSL we know the expected latency of any location, and if the latency is 10 ms or more than what we believe it should be, we adjust settings to maximize your performance. We also prioritize your important applications and add service level guarantees.

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