High Speed Cable or Business ADSL(DSL)?

05. November 2013 Internet Services 0

ADSL or Cable? Or Why not Both?

If your business is in BC or Alberta, do you go with High Speed Cable or Business ADSL to connect to the Internet? Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

High Speed Cable gives you very High Speeds at a very Low Cost. But there is also additional latency with Cable. NO big deal if you’re just surfing the net or getting email, but some important business applications like Voice over IP need a low latency connection to the Internet.

Business ADSL doesn’t give you as much bandwidth, but DSL has a much lower latency and call quality is excellent over a good DSL circuit.

So, what’s the solution?  If the Internet is important to your business, I recommend you consider both services. For about the same monthly cost as a Cable 100 from the other guys, Skyway gives you a Cable 100 Internet connection, a 25 Mbps ASDL service and an Automatic Failover.  We’ll use Policy Routing to route all traffic, delivering voice over the lower latency ADSL and all other traffic over Cable.

  • Cable 100 Internet Service, up to 100 Mbps Downstream, 5.0 Mbps Up
  • Business ADSL (2nd Internet Service), up to 25 Mbps Downstream, 5.0 Mbps up
  • Same Block of Static IP addresses over both Internet connections
  • Auto Failover and Policy Routing (for example, VoIP over ADSL)
  • $249 per month

Skyway takes residential Internet access services like ADSL and Cable and makes them enterprise grade. For example, with DSL we know the expected latency of any location, and if the latency is over 10 ms more than what we believe it should be, we adjust the settings to maximize your performance. We also prioritize your important applications and guarantee our service with a Service Level Agreement.

Need more information?  Contact me anytime.  I can check your BC or Alberta location to find what Internet services are available, whether it’s Cable, DSL or Full Duplex Fibre.

Chris Miles | 604-484-5257 | cmiles@skywaywest.com