Two Great Backup Internet Connection Options

18. September 2013 Internet Services 0

As more and more critical business applications move to the Cloud, both Bandwidth and Reliability become important considerations when reviewing your Internet connectivity. Here are two ways to implement a low cost, high speed backup solution to your existing Internet connection.

Cellular Wireless Backup

If your existing Internet connection is giving you the Bandwidth you need, then you might consider a Wireless backup service using the cellular network. Rogers, Bell and Telus Mobility all have inexpensive cellular plans that offer high bandwidth (we’ve seen 20 to 30 Mbps), which is perfect if ever you lose Internet connectivity. A Wireless backup solution, independent of a land line, is also a great idea for those concerned about reports of copper theft in many of our Industrial Parks.

Another reason that I’m suggesting cellular wireless as a backup is due to the low monthly costs. For example, Bell Mobility’s service starts at only $22 per month and includes 100 MB of data. The low amount of included data is the reason cellular wireless is used as a back up and NOT as your main Internet connection. You pay a very low rate when you are not using it and only pay when you need it, which hopefully is very rare. Wireless gives you a low cost, high speed backup Internet connection that is there only when you need it.

This works if you have a dual-wan router, or we can manage the Failover for you. Skyway offers an Auto Failover option on all of our Internet services.

Cable + ADSL Backup Bundle

For those whose business relies on a high bandwidth Internet connection, but don’t have the budget for Full Duplex Fibre, a High Speed Cable service bundled together with a business ADSL connection can give you the Bandwidth and Reliability your enterprise needs. Instead of using one service as your primary Internet connection and the other as just a backup, we recommend aggregating traffic over both services.

High Speed Cable offers very fast speeds at a very low cost, however due to higher latency some applications (like VoIP) perform better over a lower latency ADSL circuit. Skyway can configure the same block of Static IP addresses over both connections and Policy Route the traffic. For example, Voice over IP over the ADSL and web browsing over Cable. Of course we include an Auto Failover, so if one connection becomes unavailable you still have connectivity to the Internet. On top of this Skyway can deliver QoS (or Quality of Service), giving your important applications priority while there is only one Internet connection.

Looking for a Low Cost, High Speed back up connection?  Contact us anytime and we can review what options are available at your BC or Alberta location.

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