Fibre Internet Service coming to 8363 Lougheed Highway in Burnaby

In a recent post we announced that Full Duplex Fibre Internet was coming to a building on Boundary Road.  Today we’d like to share that our Full Duplex Fibre service is coming to another Burnaby BC building, at 8363 Lougheed Highway.

Business customers will be able to take advantage of a Symmetrical Full Duplex Internet connection, and choose between 2.0 to 200 Mbps Guaranteed.  Fibre has the lowest latency, jitter and packet loss; and is perfect for sensitive applications like VoIP, Video Conferencing and Virtual Private Networks.  Fibre is also ideal when your requirements call for raw upload speed for off-site backups.

Skyway also offers a Business ADSL, High Speed Cable and Ethernet over Copper, throughout BC and Alberta.  Contact me anytime to find out what services and speeds are available at your location.

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