E100 Fibre the New T1 in BC and Alberta

13. November 2012 Internet Services 0

IT Administrators in BC and Alberta, especially in larger centers like Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, Calgary and Edmonton, are finding that upgrading past a Full Duplex 10 Mbps Fibre connection to a Full Duplex 100 Mbps Fibre connection is the perfect solution for today’s high speed broadband requirements.


Lately I’ve been reaching out to I.T. Administrators across B.C. and Alberta looking for those requiring more internet bandwidth. Voice over IP, video, remote workers at home, on the road and in branch offices are driving the need for a faster, more reliable Internet connections. What I’m finding are more and more corporations that would have a 1.5 Mbps T1 5 years ago, but are now looking at a 100 Mbps Full Duplex Fibre.  You’d think that an E10 would be the logical next step, but with employees having faster and faster connections at home and the difference in cost between 10 and 100 Mbps generally only a few hundred dollars, the E100 has become a very attractive solution.

With Fibre, too, it’s not just for the bandwidth:

Quality of Service (QoS):  On a Fibre connection Skyway can dedicate a certain amount of bandwidth for a specific requirement, like Voice over IP, so those crucial applications like VoIP, Video or Terminal Services do not have to compete with basic web browsing traffic.

Reliability:  Premium services like Fibre come with a Service Level Agreement, ensuring Guaranteed up time.

Co-locate applications:  Moving servers and important applications into the “cloud” at a Secure Co-location facility makes more sense with a 100 Mbps connection. Broadband services like DSL and Cable are not Full Duplex and have a higher latency, so applications hosted in the cloud will run much faster on an E100. As well, a proper Co-location facility will have the required security and back-up power that may be too expensive to maintain in-house. Co-location facilities are also maintained at a proper temperature, so equipment does not get too warm.

An E100 service also makes a lot of sense when you look at other monthly recurring expenses. An E100,with dedicated bandwidth for Voice traffic, allows a business to consider dropping their digital PRI from their phone company. It’s now possible for businesses to take advantage of new VoIP services, reducing phone costs by removing the need to maintain a separate voice and data network.

For more information about our Full Duplex Fibre or any of our business Internet services, feel free to contact me at anytime.

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