Enterprise Internet Service For Just $249/month

23. October 2012 Internet Services 1

For any BC or Alberta business that uses the Internet as an essential business tool, reliability and speed at an affordable price are essential features. More and more important applications are being hosted “in the cloud“, so successful business need to have them available 24/7 and be able to get to these apps quickly.

Services like Voice over IP and Microsoft’s Office 365 are pushing the need for fast and reliable Internet. Users need to be connected to the business process, while at the same time a disruption in “dial-tone” is simply not tolerated.

At the Enterprise level we seeing more and more 10 and 100 Mbps Fibre installations, taking over legacy T1 services. But at the small and medium sized business level, our Cable 100 and DSL bundle has become a great fit. Skyway aggregates the traffic over two Internet Connections, delivers a block of real Static IP addresses over both services and configures an automatic failover to ensure there is always a connection to the cloud. Skyway even includes a Service Level Agreement or SLA, all for only $249 per month.

Auto Failover and Policy Routing have been very popular with business owners. Policy Routing allows Skyway West customers to route different types of traffic over different Internet connections, giving important business applications their own dedicated circuit. For example, applications that require lower latency can utilize our business ADSL, while basic web browsing can be delivered over our High Speed Cable service. Another scenario might have customers sending and receiving all internal corporate traffic over ADSL and all external traffic over Cable internet.

For more information on our Cable 100 and DSL bundle, or any of our business Internet services feel free to contact me anytime.

Chris Miles | 604-484-5257 | cmiles@skywaywest.com


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