Internet Solution for Engineering Firm With High Bandwidth Requirements

14. September 2012 Internet Services 0

Engineering company sharing large files in Canada & Asia takes advantage of Skyway’s multiple WAN service offerings: Fibre at head office; cable, ADSL at branches. The Skyway West solution includes Policy Routing, QoS and Failover and comes with significant savings over the large telcos’ proposals.


Earlier this week I met with an Engineering firm headquartered outside Vancouver in the Lower Mainland. Although their BC office had only 20 or so users, they had very high internet bandwidth requirements due to the large files they share with users at their other locations in Alberta and Ontario, as well as overseas in Asia. While the large telcos suggested and quoted Fibre at all their Canadian locations, Skyway West was able to offer another solution.

I agreed that Symmetrical Full Duplex Ethernet services, either Fibre or Ethernet over Copper, are ideal at the Head Office. Remote users accessing files and connecting to applications require the upstream bandwidth at HQ, and the low, stable latency that a high quality Ethernet service provides. We recommended an E10 for branch-to-branch traffic (Skyway can also offer Fibre speeds up to 200 Mbps) and a separate High Speed 100 Mbps Cable service for outbound web browsing.  Skyway will configure the same block of Public Static IP addresses over both services, and deliver Automatic Failover with Policy Routing.  If there is ever a disruption with one of the Internet connections, remote users will not have to change IP addresses. We also were able to offer QoS or Quality of service over the E10, as they were about to roll out Voice over IP and we suggested guaranteeing enough bandwidth for telephone traffic.

This same firm also had a similar sized office in Ontario, and they too were quoted an E10. They had an existing ADSL service that they kept for web browsing, leaving the 10 Mbps Fibre for traffic to and from their other locations.  It is important to note that the E10 in Toronto was provided by Skyway, meaning that Voice and Data traffic between the Canadian locations will NOT touch the public Internet but will remain within the private Skyway network.  Connecting directly gave them the lowest possible latency between offices and avoiding Internet congestion boosted the speed and performance of their internal Voice and Data applications.

In their smaller Alberta office, a High Speed Cable service for web surfing was quoted, bundled with a 15 Mbps ADSL service for traffic destined for the BC main office. We again configured an Automatic Failover and applied the same block of Static IP addresses over both services.

An added benefit to Skyway West’s offering involved the customer’s location in Asia.  Although we do not offer services outside of Canada, Skyway does Peer with over 100 different networks, including NTT.  NTT is the largest ISP in Asia and the 2nd largest in the world, and our connection with NTT gives us great networking  between locations here in Canada and in Asia.

Skyway’s proposal not only provided a robust Wide Area Network,  we were over $800 per month LESS than the Telco’s quotation. For for information on any of our business High Speed  Internet Services contact us at anytime.

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