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22. March 2012 Internet Services 0

Skyway West is a full service ISP, delivering services across Canada, with a main focus in BC and Alberta.

All of our services connect to a Multi-Peered, Multi-Homed network, including direct connectivity to Telus (Western Canada), Bell (Eastern Canada), BC Net, Level3 (#1 U.S. carrier) and NTT ( 3rd largest carrier in the world). We also peer to over 90 other networks, including Shaw and Microsoft.

We have no residential customers congesting bandwidth watching Netflix, and we prioritize DNS, VoIP and RDP traffic before anything else on our network.

Overview of Services

We recommend business broadband at the branch locations, but Premium Internet Access Services at the Head Office.

Business Broadband at the Branch

• DSL, up to 15 Mbps
• Bonded DSL, up to 60 Mbps
• Cable, up to 250 Mbps
• Symmetrical Fixed Wireless, up to 10 Mbps

Premium Internet at Head Office

• Symmetrical Full Duplex Fibre, up to 200 Mbps
• Symmetrical Ethernet over Copper, up to 20 Mbps

We also recommend running applications in our Private Cloud, either on your own equipment in our Secure Data Centre, or on our “Infrastructure as a Service” or Virtual Co-location environment.
• Physical Data Centre includes Full Duplex 100 Mbps connection
• Virtual Data Centre includes a Full Duplex GigE connection

Aggregating Traffic

At the branch locations, where there may not be the budget for Fibre, we recommend aggregating traffic over 2 Internet connections. Important business applications get much higher performance when not sharing bandwidth with web surfing, and Skyway can configure an auto fail-over if one service becomes unavailable.

• Branch-to-Branch traffic over Skyway (i.e. DSL)
• Web Surfing over secondary service, from another ISP (i.e. Shaw Cable)


When Voice and Data share one service, Skyway can configure QoS or Quality of Service, giving important business applications (like VoIP) priority over your Internet connection.

Private Networking

Skyway can deliver a full MPLS network, or we can emulate MPLS using our MetaLAN Private Network Service. Both our MPLS and MetaLAN service removes the need for VPN routers and eliminates VPN overhead, freeing up additional bandwidth for important applications.

Pricing Examples:

Typical Branch location, $218 per month includes

• Primary Internet connection for branch-to-branch traffic, Business DSL, up to 15.0 Mbps downstream and 1.0 up
• Secondary Internet connection for web surfing, Cable 25, up to 25 Mbps downstream and 2.5 up
• MetaLAN Private Network service
• Auto Fail-over
• QoS

Head Office options

• Symmetrical Full Duplex 10 Mbps (Guaranteed) Ethernet over Copper
• $795 per month, based on a 3-year term
• MetaLAN Private Network service

Or $1,195 for a 100 Mbps (Guaranteed) Fibre connection

Physical Co-location Service

• Starting at $100 per month, includes a 100 Mbps Full Duplex Internet connection

Virtual Co-location (Infrastructure as a Service)

• Starting at less than $100 per month, includes a GigE Full Duplex Internet connection

Contact us anytime for additional information about any of our business Internet services.

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