Skyway West Announces New VDSL 15.0 Mbps Business Internet Service

26. January 2012 Internet Services 0

Skyway West will soon be accepting orders for our new VDSL 15.0 Mbps high speed business Internet service. Our VDSL or “Very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line” service includes a block of real Static IP Addresses hard-coded unto a proper DSL Router (instead of a modem).  And like our ADSL service, it runs over a multi-homed routed network.

Skyway Static IP addresses will not change and can move to other Skyway services or move with you if you relocate your business.  Customers can also have their own reverse look up, an important feature for some mail servers.  We prioritize DNS, VoIP and RDP traffic before anything else, which delivers a better quality Internet connection for important business applications, and your I.T. department has 24/7 access to usage graphs and traffic analysis.

Business customers can enjoy up to 15.0 Mbps Downstream and 1.0 Up, and Skyway can offer optional QoS and an Auto Failover to a second Internet connection. QoS or Quality of Service gives important applications like Voice over IP priority over web surfing.  Two separate Internet connections can make a lot of sense for any business with multiple locations and many remote users.  Skyway can configure branch-to-branch traffic over our VDSL service, Web and email traffic over a second service (like Cable), and deliver an automatic Failover if one connection becomes unavailable.  We can also give important applications priority while all traffic is sharing the one service, until the second connection comes back up.

For more information or questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

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