Do you need more reliable High Speed Internet service?

10. November 2011 Internet Services 0

A more reliable high speed Internet connection with increased bandwidth.

With Skyway West’s T1 Xstream, you can combine connections from multiple network providers like Telus, Allstream and Shaw into a single service that is both faster and more reliable. Combine Skyway or Telus ADSL, Shaw cable and fixed wireless from different providers, and reduce the risk of network downtime.

Four-Nines Reliability- Prices start at $209/mo.

T1 Xstream is designed to use multiple connections from several carriers, and combine them to meet your various business requirements. Using multiple connections, T1 Xstream will deliver the aggregate speed of all the connections and, without a reliance on a single carrier, practically eliminate the risk of network outage.

Bonding Load Balancing with Failover great network performance in British Columbia and Alberta

Ask about our Live Demonstration

Contact us and take a look — we’ll explain the technology and show you how the system aggregates network connections, how it improves application quality, and how it fails-over seamlessly. We use voice as our priority application in this instance, and we’ll show you how we don’t lose a word on network outages.

Contact me anytime to arrange for a Live Demonstration of T1 Xstream or any of Skyway West’s business internet services.

Chris Miles | | 604-484-5257