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08. September 2011 Internet Services 0

As more and more applications are being accessed by remote users, the Internet connection is replacing the telephone line as the most important connection to the outside world.  Many businesses are running Voice over IP, while at the same time connecting remote users to applications like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, CRM and ERP systems.  Although speed is an important component, latency, jitter and packet loss are becoming important issues for I.T. administrators to consider.

Full Duplex:

Unlike broadband services like ADSL and Cable, Skyway Fibre offers a Full Duplex connection to the Internet.  For example, a 10 Mbps Fibre service gives business both a 10 Mbps Downstream and 10 Mbps Upstream connection.  This is important as the Downstream usage of most broadband connections can saturate the Upstream bandwidth, negatively effecting applications like Voice over IP.

Guaranteed Speeds:

Instead of a best effort connection, Skyway Fiber Internet services are Guaranteed, delivering a full 1.0 to 200 Mbps Internet connection.  And as your business needs change and you require more bandwidth, most Skyway Fiber Internet services can be easily upgraded, often within only a few weeks.

Skyway Fibre services have the lowest latency, jitter and packet loss. They are perfect for your sensitive applications like VoIP, video conferencing and virtual private networks or when your requirements call for raw upload speed for off-site backups. And, like all Skyway Access Services, are available with either public or private IP addresses. They can be configured as bridged or routed services and we can also apply Class of Service tags to prioritize both inbound and outbound traffic.

To get an idea of pricing, here is a link to a number of bandwidth options.

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Wikipedia and other Definitions

What is Exchange: Microsoft Exchange is a messaging system that includes a mail server, an e-mail program, and groupware applications.

What is SharePoint: Microsoft SharePoint is a software platform and a family of software products developed by Microsoft for collaboration, file sharing and web publishing.

What is CRM: Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely-implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects.

What is ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business management system that integrates all facets of the business, including planning, manufacturing, sales, and marketing.