T1 Xstream Enhanced gives Consistent Affordable Network Uptime

25. August 2011 Internet Services 0

Have you seen our Enhanced version of T1 Xstream?

This new networking technology allows organizations to create highly-redundant networks using connections from any combination of carrier connections.

Not Load Balancing, It’s Aggregation

Bonding Load Balancing with Failover great network performance in British Columbia and Alberta

The system isn’t load balancing, it actually aggregates the connections. If you need an application to run over a highly-reliable and fast connection, you need T1 Xstream Enhanced. It’s sort of like bonding and load balancing together , there’s seamless failover between carriers, and the connections speeds are added up to make sure you get optimal network performance.

10 Minute PowerPoint Presentation

Take a look – this presentation explains the technology and shows you how the system aggregates network connections, how it improves application quality, and how it fails-over seamlessly. We use voice as a priority application in many of our examples, and we’ll show you how you won’t lose a word on network outages.