Reliability of traditional telephony, with the cost savings and benefits of VoIP

16. August 2011 Internet Services 0

Here is a link to a page on TeloIP’s Voice Quality Solutions page, with
important information for any business implementing Voice over IP.

TeloIP’s Autonomous Network Aggregation (Ana) system is the power behind our
T1 Xstream “Enhanced” service. The Ana system enables voice services with
Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees, and allows business users to converge
their voice and data networks. Ana optimizes bandwidth so there’s No Jitter
on voice calls during file transfers and reliability is elevated to a new
level where VoIP calls survive a network outage.

NO dropped calls is an important piece to the T1 Xstream/Ana service. You
can aggregate multiple Internet services from multiple ISP’s, combine the
speed connections in a fully managed aggregated connection, with a seamless
Failover with No Dropped VoIP Calls.

Any BC or Alberta business can take advantage of TeloIP’s Ana system, with
Skyway’s T1 Xstream service.

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