Provisioning ADSL Services

Skyway West Provisioning facilitates the setup and startup of your Business ADSL Services provided by Skyway West.

First, an order is placed with Telus to either add ADSL to your existing single business phone line, or install a “Dry” copper cable. Added to your line, you are able to use the line simultaneously for voice or fax and data. Dry copper allows data only and is specific to ADSL.

To qualify for ADSL service, your business location must be within four kilometers of an ADSL-capable CO (Central Office) and your phone line must be capable of carrying ADSL. Extended Reach ADSL or ERA allows customers outside ADSL’s four-kilometre loop to receive ADSL service.

Once that order is pending, we add you to Skyway’s Network by assigning static IP addresses you alone will utilize. We then arrange on-site setup and testing by a Skyway West partner Installer Technician who ensures that the Internet access is working before leaving your premises. We configure and ship the hardware directly to your site ready for the on-site technician.

At your site, the Installer Technician will “punch down” at the demarc (i.e, Telus demarcation point) in your building an ADSL POTS Splitter if you are having ADSL served on a phone line. The splitter splits the voice from data. If the service is delivered to your demarc with Dry copper, no splitter is required. The Installer Technician then runs cable to your preferred location for the ADSL router, connects the router, and then contacts Skyway Provisioning to test.

After testing, you can connect your existing servers and workstations via your own switch/hub/router, configure to the static IPs assigned, and, voila, you have a reliable and stable connection to the Internet. You are completely bypassing Telus’ Internet Network.

Skyway West also provisions Fibre, Wireless and Bonded Internet Solutions.